Keeping Air Quality Clear and Safe

Keep your business in compliance and your employees covered with our safety services at Apex Safety. For companies within the oil and gas industries, we provide monitoring, rescue, training, compliance, consulting, and product sales to provide you and your employees a safer and more secure environment. We offer top-notch services at competitive prices within Oklahoma City and the MIDCON area.

Monitoring Your Atmosphere

When it comes to working in the oil and gas industry, noxious fumes can present a health hazard to your workforce. That is why we dedicate ourselves to air quality monitoring for your employees. To keep your workers safe, we monitor for poisonous gases, such as hydrogen and benzene. Alongside our atmospheric monitoring, we also work with the company to make sure they are in compliance with laws and regulations ensuring they are providing a safe atmosphere for their workers.

Rescue and Training

When your employees must go into dangerous areas, like enclosed spaces, we are there to get them out if anything goes wrong. OSHA regulation requires that confined space work is properly monitored by trained and equipped rescuers to prevent injury or loss of life. When someone goes to work in a confined area, we provide fresh, breathable, and atmospheric air at the location where the person makes entry to ensure safety within a dangerous area. We also offer necessary OSHA training, such as medical evaluation, fit testing, first aid training, CPR training, safe plans, and more.

Safety Products and Third-Party Consultation

Whether you need protective products or consulting services, we have you covered. We offer EPP products, personal electronic monitoring supplies, fire suppressants and extinguishers, and more. We give our clientele third-party consultation services as well as third-party recommendations.


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